You think you HARD ... yeah I thought I was hard until I started working on my next documentary "ALL IN" taking on the sex trafficking industry and ran into the story of Shaynia Davis,brutally raped repeatedly smothered to death, one hour being sold in to sex slavery.These are the last moments of her life terrified, alone and afraid. The man in the photo her executioner. Shaynia Davis was one of the lucky ones. I broke like a fucking baby.
Screw the tears and horrified gasp. Don't allow yourself to return to your bubble of anti-depressents , cat videos and arguments over which power hungry jerks spouting poltical rhetoric your voting for you. You cannot claim to love women yet do nothing to help us out of slavery, out of bondage, you got time to comment about Kylie Jenners hair, you got time to make memes about Bernie Sanders but you dont have time to stop the sale of woman and girls around the globe. Wake Up the Matrix has you. NOW What in the hell are you going to do about it?
Love Wins.